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Bee Fruitful Farms – Scotts Valley’s Learning Farm

“Community Real Estate provides 100% of the funding for the Bee Fruitful Farms (BFF) because we believe that happy-healthy families build happy-healthy communities.”


Bee Fruitful Farms is a 6+ acre eco-friendly learning farm, where people re-connect with the earth, each other, and the community.

Inspired by the beauty and energy of Yosemite, Bee Fruitful Farms (BFF) is reminiscent of a High Sierra meadow.  From the storybook cottage on the creek to the towering pine trees, this bountiful eco-friendly farm will inspire you to get back to the basics.

The Draper Family established Bee Fruitful Farms as an educational resource for the Scotts Valley Community. The farm’s educational program is managed by Sue, Matt and Mandy Draper on a 100% volunteer basis.  Sue is fueled by her desire to be of service to others, and by her wish to instill a love of nature in children of all ages.  Matt received a degree in Ag Business from Cal Poly, SLO in 2001, and is a recent graduate of the Monterey Bay Master Gardeners Program.  Mandy is an avid supporter of the local farmers’ markets with a deep passion for cooking, nutrition and the environment.

Our vision for Bee Fruitful Farms is to create an outdoor forum for improving health, relationships, and environmental awareness through education.  We want to inspire children to connect with the food they eat and feel empowered by those healthy choices.  We want to encourage families to sit down and share meals together again.  We hope that an outing at our farm will ignite your desire to garden….because we believe that a family that plants together, grows together.

Interested in coordinating a group visit?  Please send us an e-mail ( on our give us a call (831) 252-2972.

Bee Fruitful Farms in the News


May 3 – 17, 2019

It was a BEEautiful few days here at Bee Fruitful Farms! On May 3rd, we hosted 73 (very well behaved ☺️) kindergartners from Vine Hill Elementary school for a fun-filled morning on the farm. We came back for more fun on May 17th, where 81 (very well behaved ☺️) kindergartners from Brook Knoll Elementary school joined us for another fun-filled morning.

The kiddos got to plant in the farm, make rock painted bees, play a seed sort game, learn about pests, pollinators and other beneficial insects, go for an adventure walk through the deep dark woods and climb lots of rocks!

We had such an amazing day playing with all of you. Thank you to the wonderful Vine Hill and Brook Knoll kindergarten teachers, parent drivers and our community volunteers for making these such successful and fun days. Your children are a joy to be around – we simply couldn’t hope for better souls to be the future stewards of our earth.

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Draper’s Showcase Farm Shares Nature’s Gifts With Community

May 19, 2017

The two kindergarten classes piled into big yellow buses at Brook Knoll Elementary School on Friday, May 12, and headed north to another world. There was no sign at the turnoff from Lockhart Gulch Road, just outside of the Scotts Valley city limits, down a winding asphalt drive into a wide field in a bend of Bean Creek, past wild rock roses to a storybook cottage.

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Local Farm Inspires Next Generation

May 7, 2015

“We are planting seed for a better community, better families, better friendships, better relationships, and we do it by hosting an organic farm for people to enjoy,” said Sue Draper, owner of Bee Fruitful Farm.

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Teaching Farm Sprouts in Scotts Valley with a Little Help from Oprah

November 18, 2014

Turning off a bend on Lockhart Gulch Road in Scotts Valley and gazing down at the fertile bowl of land that has become Bee Fruitful Farm, it is very hard to imagine that anything else ever existed here.

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SV Farm Provides Education For Community, Opportunity for Young Farmer

November 6, 2014

The future of local farming could be taking place in Scotts Valley, as a local woman’s partnership with a young farmer to covert her seven-acre property into a functioning farm has proven bountiful for both.

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