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May, 2017- MICHELE SANGUINETTI, Kindergarten

Michele enters the classroom with a sense of humor and curiosity about her students. What are their strengths and weaknesses, and in what way can she use that information to build students’ self-confidence, develop a sense of wonder, and to accomplish goal-specific mastery?

Michele has been married to her husband David for 35 years.  Thirty-three of their years spent together were here in Scotts Valley where they raised their two children. Michele has been teaching at Vine Hill School for 16 years.  She taught in a 2/3 multi-age and third grade classroom for 12 years before teaching kindergarten.

Before Michele was a teacher, she was a park ranger for the City of Palo Alto for 10 years. “Retiring” when she was raising her children allowed her to volunteer in classrooms and coach numerous sports.  Recognizing how much joy she felt at mentoring youth, Michele returned to school so that she could teach and continue to make an impact on children’s lives.

Michele knows the value of her learning community.  It is her belief that her successes as a teacher are in large part due to those she works with, the parents who give so selflessly, and most importantly, the children she teaches.  She strongly believes that each child has individual needs.  It is her job to value the uniqueness of each child.

When not at school, Michele can be found working in her garden, playing a round of golf, enjoying the sunset from the “treehouse” in her backyard, reading a good book, and traveling with her husband.  The highlight of each summer is her family’s annual camping trip to the Sierras.  Michele’s favorite classroom sayings are, “It’s okay to make mistakes” and “Are you making a good choice?”